Cricket HealthEmpowering patients and physicians to transform kidney and dialysis care

Danny Shapiro joins Cricket Health as Chief Business OfficerPress Release

We partner with physicians and payers to provide comprehensive CKD and ESRD care, including home dialysis.

Using our award-winning platform and world-class clinical care, we guide Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) patients and caregivers to make the best End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) treatment decisions, ensure that they have an optimal, outpatient CKD-ESRD transition, and deliver technology-assisted, reimagined home dialysis care that enables patients to maintain the highest possible quality of life.

26 Million people in the US suffer from kidney disease

  • Over 90% of people with CKD are undiagnosed, with no noticeable symptoms. Most do not receive therapies to slow progression.
  • 80% of patients begin dialysis with a central venous catheter or crash into dialysis.
  • Only 12% of patients get home dialysis, while 93% of doctors would choose home dialysis for themselves.
  • 58% of ESRD hospitalizations are avoidable. 36% patients are readmitted within 30 days.

Sources: USRDS Annual Data Report 2015, USRDS Annual Data Report 2013, USRDS Annual Data Report 2011, Nissenson, Allen R., MD FACP. Kidney Care of the Future. Annual Dialysis Conference 2016, National Kidney Foundation

Our programs use technology and human connections to make a difference in the lives of patients

We've assembled a world-class, multidisciplinary team from healthcare, technology and design.

Team and Advisors

We provide next-generation, patient-centered CKD and home dialysis care.
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